Is Your Company Moving To The Cloud Or Sticking With Desktop Apps

Is Your Company Moving To The Cloud Or Sticking With Desktop Apps

So, there is a great push now with companies moving to the cloud for better collaboration, rather than sticking to desktop applications. Most of the places I have worked, and even in my productivity, it is based around Microsoft and Adobe applications. So, whether it is in my ICT teaching role, delivering training using Microsoft office or in a Web Development environment using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Illustrator that has always been the way to go.

What I have been noticing within the last 18months though, is that more and more organisations are moving to Google Cloud Apps/G-Suite and I have had requests to deliver training on the Google suite of applications. Whether it is Docs, Sheets or Forms, now I would not say I am 100% comfortable in this environment myself yet. What I have realised that I am going to have to do up-skill on these applications, as I can only see more and more people moving towards them as they become better specced about Office 365.

I will say that they do not stand up to Office 365 as a standalone application, whether it is mail merge, styles, macros, Power BI or some other things that G-Suite is sadly missing. I know I can achieve some of this with addons and I can start using JavaScript instead of macros, but it does not currently stack up on its own against Office 365. Improvements are happening all the time, and I can only see it getting better. It is imperative that alongside my Office 365 knowledge, is that I am well versed in delivering training using Google applications.

Do you see your organisation moving to a cloud-based solution? Maybe they have already done so? If they have do you find that Google applications offer you everything you need for your daily productivity, or do you miss the better tooled Office 365 and its familiar environment. I find it currently uncomfortable thinking that if I lose internet connectivity that my productivity has stopped, although this is probably just a mindset thing on my part. We lost AWS a few weeks ago for a day, what happens if the same thing happens to Google Cloud? At least if I am using local desktop apps, I can carry on with my work even with a cloud outage.

I am finding the transition difficult, but I know that is the way things are going. I fully expect even Office 365 to be a full cloud program in the next five years, especially with Satya Nadella’s cloud-first philosophy that is growing within Microsoft. I may not like what is happening but know change is on the way, so it is no doubt time to bite the bullet and move along.

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