School Funding Problems And Structure Of Pay

School Funding Problems And Structure Of Pay

It is a sad state of affairs currently with the structure of pay in schools.  It is the haves, and the have nots. I am all for paying outstanding managers what they are worth but is it the way to go that the leader of an academy trust is raking in £420,000 a year while the person on the shop floor is struggling for a 1% pay rise.

I can understand with pay de-regulation that it frees up the trust to pay staff based on performance and not on the old way it was done. I am all for doing away with old-fashioned ways of doing things like the rewarding coasting staff just because they have been in the post a long time.  So yes, get the teachers’ pay that equates to performance.

You will never convince me though that a manager is worth ten times the pay that the practitioners are being paid, that does not sit at all well with me.  I do understand to get the best managers that you will have to reward them at an appropriate rate. Are you saying the teachers are only doing 10% of the job that the manager is? I find that very hard to believe so yes; I could understand a teacher being paid £35,000 a year and a top manager £140,000 a year but not almost half a million.

The academy trusts really must adjust the top and the bottom scale on things. Bring management pay back into line a bit and reward you fantastic practitioners for the outstanding job they are doing.  If you have teachers that are coasting and not inspiring the kids, get rid of them and replace them with motivated practitioners who have fantastic, forward-thinking ideas. If you want those brilliant teachers, they need to be told they are more than 10% as necessary as the Chief Executive.

So, let us even the academy playing field a bit, more pay for teachers and a bit less for the Chief Executives.  Doing this will show they understand that things are currently not suitable for teacher pay and they are doing something to help the situation. Come on folks it will not hurt to cut up the pie a little more evenly, and you never know it may stop some of the drains from the industry. It will not fix all the problems, but it would certainly be a start.

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