The main focus of tapsyc is a discussion relating to many topics. it could be politics one day, education the next and technology the day after, although these are the main areas of discussion there will be a range of other topics discussed on a daily basis. My personal background is in UK education, so quite a lot of the education discussion will be focused on what are the current trends in the UK. All other topics are more likely to have a global feel to them, I have a big interest in world politics, although the majority of that will be based around the UK, US, and European Union.

When it comes to the technology posts, it really could be anything at all in this area. I have an interest in software and web development as these are things I teach. It is likely though, that you will see me discussing anything technology related. The discussion is a big thing with me, I want people that disagree with what I write to challenge me, change my mind even. Use the contact form on the site, reply to the posts or make contact through the social media links.

All blogs on the site are opinion pieces, and I doubt that I will find anyone that will completely agree with me, Make your opposing arguments with a solid rationale and in a respectful manner.