Who is going to sell your data today?

Who is going to sell your data today?

Well, it looks like those pleasant internet service providers in the USA are going to have the chance to sell your data, now I am not going to get all smug as I am at this side of the pond as our Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill is hardly anything to be happy about. It is no real surprise that this has happened as I always thought of Republicans as the friend of the big corporation rather than the standard day to day person.

I do find it extremely worrying the way things are going with the method that or data is handled. Now form what I understand is that this has been done to level the playing field between Internet Service Providers and web-based companies like Facebook and Google. Because the ISP’s had much more stringent regulations, they had a adhere to. Now, of course, this could have been a perfect opportunity to move things the other way by putting more regulation into the internet companies and give Facebook and Google the rights to distribute our web histories to the highest bidder.

Now as I am writing this, President Trump has still a chance to veto this, and after all, he does claim to be a president of the people rather than a big corporation. So is he going to do the right thing and get rid of this? Of course, I am sure he would not do that as it would put him on a complete collision course with the Republican party, but I guess one can hope.

Now let us look at the Internet Service Providers role in this, it has already been announced that Verizon will be adding software to phones that will harvest telemetry data and send it back home. So, will this cost Verizon a lot of customers, will they see this as not really a problem or is it going to be a big issue? Is this a chance for another provider to say, we are not going to sell your data because privacy is a big thing for us.

What will the next step be for consumers, well some will not mind if they do not see It as a big deal after the internet companies will do all this? It is probably going to be a pretty big boost to the VPN providers, as I am sure people that are worried about privacy will take this option.

From a personal point of view, I feel the same about this as I do about the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill here in the UK. It is extremely poor for the consumer, and all it is doing is to line the pockets of big corporations.

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